Frequently Asked Questions

What should you pay attention to when selling your home yourself?

Make sure you present your property in the best possible way. Both with photos and written text. What are the property's pluses? What is good about its location? How many rooms does it have? What is the surface area? Thus, there are numerous things you should pay attention to before selling your house that are important. Ultimately, of course, the price is also hugely important. It is also important to conduct the viewing well, so prepare it well. For example, practice in advance with a friend or acquaintance and ask for feedback. It is also smart to bake an apple pie or bread beforehand during the viewing, this way the house smells nice and homely and welcome.

Also think about the process afterwards; what do you suggest, or ask afterwards, of the potential buyers? What do you expect? When do you want them to have made an offer? In the current housing market, one week is a long enough deadline to receive an offer. Should you find this too long; we will make a fair and market-based offer within 24 hours!

Why sell your home without a real estate agent?

In the current (tight) housing market, a real estate agent adds less value than when there is a surplus. The real estate agent does not have to put in much effort or effort to sell the house because there is enough demand. What this means for you is that with limited knowledge, you are perfectly capable of selling your home yourself, thus keeping the broker's fees in your own pocket; pure profit! This can quickly save you thousands or in some cases even tens of thousands of euros! Easy money!

What are advantages to selling your home yourself?

You control everything yourself. You decide when the viewings take place and you can tell the best about all the advantages of the house and the neighborhood. You meet the potential buyers and can thereby create favoritism which can lead to a better sale (price). You do the negotiations yourself and decide how to receive bids. Nowadays (due to scarcity) often only one round of bidding is done, without the parties knowing from each other what has been bid. This is convenient for the real estate agent because it saves him/her a lot of work. Because of our experience, we have a very good knowledge of the market and market prices. We always offer a fair price for the house and we can transfer the money quickly, without financing reservations, when the sale is completed. We can also visit a notary within 24 hours to complete everything according to the laws and regulations.

Should I clear my house when selling?

When you sell your house through a real estate agent, this is almost always the desire. To make the house ready for sale you need to have the garden in order, for example, and remove all personal belongings indoors and have the house as neutral, clean and presentable as possible. With us, this is not required. We can imagine that in some situations, such as a death, divorce or emigration, there is simply not the time or energy to do this. We can see through this and still offer the same fair market price, than when all this effort and sometimes costs, are done/made.

Why sell the house yourself in an inheritance?

A death often brings up enough issues that need to be arranged, apart from the emotional aspect. The emptying of a house can therefore be an emotional process, we understand this and can also help with this.
In addition, the inheritance may need to be shared with family/friends. The longer this process takes, the more difficult it can sometimes be. When you sell your house yourself via, you can be sure of a fast and pleasant transaction in which the inheritance (the money) is immediately available for distribution. Through our pleasant collaboration with various notaries, this can be arranged within 24 hours!

Can I rent my house back after selling?

Yes this is possible! There may be several reasons why this is of interest to you. The current house prices are a lot higher than, say, 10 years ago. Are you in a situation where you can use a lot of money? Then selling your home, with a lot of surplus value, and then renting it back is a smart option. The advantage is that you immediately have your own money and can still continue to live in your house, or your home!