Selling a house in Maassluis

Are you looking to, or considering, selling your home or property yourself in Maassluis or the surrounding area? Then contact With us you will immediately get an honest and good offer for your house. The offer is always without obligation!

As entrepreneurs we understand very well that speed and correct action is important, of course in compliance with the latest laws and regulations. Our experience and several permanent independent partners allow us to move quickly and have priority at the notary, even in the Maassluis area!

We know the regional real estate market of houses in Maassluis and surroundings like no other and are happy to explain this in a personal conversation.
When you want to sell your house yourself in Rijnmond, we are happy to get in touch with you and help you with advice and point out the most common issues and can explain the biggest misconceptions.

It is also possible, for example, to rent back yourself. Given the current housing market, this can be an interesting option. You can now sell with a lot of surplus value and receive a large payout and then rent the property back at a fair rate.

We have a lot of experience in buying and selling homes in Rijnmond and can therefore provide references that will confirm our pleasant working method and honest way of doing things.

Contact us today for an offer without obligation!


  • No brokerage and notary fees
  • No sales stress
  • Temporary lease back possible
  • Empty house is no problem
  • Overdue maintenance or a messy garden? That's no problem either
  • No mortgage reservations or building inspection
  • Direct money with possible down payment and a fair price
  • Transfer at any time, you move when you want
  • For example, you are getting divorced, you have become unemployed, you are emigrating, you have inherited your parents' house or because you want to avoid a foreclosure sale; will buy your home
  • You don't have to prepare your house/building/garage box for sale
  • We think along with the customer for a fast and appropriate solution
  • Interested in any property; flat, flat, house, detached house, recreational house, garage or commercial property?

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